Thyrm Switchback – Maximizing Your EDC Light’s Potential


If you haven’t heard about the Thyrm Switchback already, do yourself a favor – keep reading! And when you’re done, go do some more homework. It’s been out a few years now and still isn’t as popular as it should be. This thing is a god send for every tactical shooter and carrying citizen.



Flashlight rings are nothing new, but their usefulness certainly hasn’t aged. I’ve never been a fan of storing my light for reloads or malfunctions. I just keep it in my hand and do what I would do normally. With the switchback, this technique becomes even easier. But that’s not what sets this apart from other light rings.

Besides acting as a good means of retention for your light, the Thyrm Switchback allows you to use your normal two handed shooting grip while still utilizing your light and pointing it downrange. Simply flip the light forward and use your thumb to press on the tab or fox ear to engage the light.

Even though my duty and conceal carry guns are mated with Streamlight TLR-1’s, I still have a switchback on all my lights and now consider it a mandatory accessory. Your handheld light is your default source of information gathering and self defense. As much as we’d all like to wander around in the dark with guns and weapon lights, it’s simply not polite.


With the switchback I can illuminate a possible threat and maintain light control while drawing my weapon and activating my weapon light. The best part? – I’m not limited to shooting one handed or tossing my light. I can just flip it out of the way and use it to search after engaging a target or while maintaining control over a suspect.


Unfortunately, for many people, the Switchback isn’t an option. Its compatibility is limited to Surefire offerings and some other 1in diameter lights. You’ve probably noticed, however, that none of the lights I’ve pictured here are Surefire. In fact, none of my lights are on Thrym’s compatibility list. I’ll be posting a companion article to this soon, but suffice it say that with a little “ghetto tactical” innovation, you can make this $20 accessory work for your light too. Believe me, it’s a game changer.

Check out Sage Dynamics video on the Switchback for an excellent review.


Author: SPFSolutionz

I’m just a ginger who has an interest in self defense – hence SPF solutions (sun protection factor) OR (Self-Protection-Focused). I don’t consider myself an expert teacher, but I try to be an expert learner and as such, draw from expert instruction I've received and my personal experiences and practice to share what I know. I spent six years as an infantry marine and am currently a full time police officer, conceal carry advocate, and family man.

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